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Since 1967, the JMR brand has been inventing and innovating in order to offer more and more efficient loudspeakers, always getting closer to the real musical event.

2017 is the “jubilee” year for JMR, which thus celebrates its 50 years of existence.

The CANTABILE Jubilee celebrates this event, and thus sets a remarkable milestone in JMR’s long history of “love” for music and beautiful sound.
Much more than an optimization, the CANTABILE Jubilee offers a complete overhaul of all the acoustic and electronic parameters of our iconic CANTABILE model.

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Located at the very heart of our range, this model has always aroused a great attachment to its creator. It synthesizes in itself the sound aesthetic so dear to JMR.


Located at the very heart of our range, this model has always aroused a great attachment to its creator. It synthesizes in itself the sound aesthetic so dear to JMR.

Fluidity, nuance, refinement, spontaneity and agility characterize this compact speaker, with its sober and timeless design.
Its slim silhouette, with its small head overhanging its gracefully proportioned cabinetry, is characteristic of certain JMR productions.

Thanks to the research and development work carried out in recent years in advanced acoustic and electronic fields, we have been able to achieve musical performances unimaginable a few years ago. The CANTABILE Jubilee has benefited from the results of this research, which has enabled it to achieve a remarkable level of realism and sound maturity.
Thus, we have completely revised its crossover, and we have equipped the speaker with a brand new tweeter particularly powerful. This impregnated silk dome tweeter is housed in a new load with an optimized profile. The diameter of the nose cone has been significantly increased, and it is positioned further back on the cabinet to allow for ultra-precise dynamic phasing. Its length has been increased, and the curve of its profile has been softened.
The very low resonance frequency of this tweeter and its very low distortion rate allowed us to lower the connection frequency with the bass-midrange speaker to 3 kHz. The slope of its 12 dB/octave filtering offers a crossover with the midrange at only 0.2° phase rotation, and its directivity is particularly low.
The filtering has been done with as few components as possible, making the CANTABILE Jubilee much more responsive and even easier to power.
The entire value of the components, as well as their nature, has been revised in order to obtain an even more lively and dynamic speaker.

Although its size is ultra-compact for a floorstanding speaker, the CANTABILE Jubilee offers a particularly full, wide and deep sound image, and a formidable precision. It extends not only in width, but also in height and depth, far beyond the geometry of the enclosure. It remains unperturbed, even at the time of the very great variations of levels, without any projection nor hardness, but all in light and nuances.
The tiny inflections of the musician’s playing follow naturally without false light. The transients are vivid and precise, but never stripped of their complex harmonic envelope.
The veracity and humanity of the CANTABILE’s middle register have always been noted by discerning music lovers. In this Jubilee version, the CANTABILE retains what has made it successful over the years, but with even more fluidity and airiness. The rich and varied timbres are truly natural, and never outrageous; one clearly perceives this feeling of “déjà entendu” that only the “live” event is capable of providing.
Its fast and perfectly controlled bass never turns into caricature or redundancy. It settles perfectly the listening, and proposes a sufficient energy for a room of average size.
Its bandwidth is extremely linear, and above all, it offers a remarkable homogeneity for a speaker of its size.

As agile and alert on a string quartet as on contemporary music, the CANTABILE Jubilee offers its listener hours of listening without weariness or fatigue. Its generous output will allow it to be associated with quality amplifiers, but not necessarily powerful. Its important evolution potential will allow it to become the central element of a perennial audiophile installation of very high quality. Very easy to set up and position in the listening area, its slim silhouette will blend perfectly into a modern or classic decor.

CANTABILE Jubilee thus embodies the contemporary JMR know-how and spirit, nourished by 50 years of pragmatic and sensitive research, in the service of Music.

CANTABILE Jubilee thus embodies the contemporary JMR know-how and spirit, nourished by 50 years of pragmatic and sensitive research, in the service of Music.


Load type: Tuned triangular line leading to a front noise vent.
Cabinetry in 19 mm MDF with rounded edges, assembled under press to guarantee a total inertia to the structure.
The axial fixing of the bass drivers allows the tensioning of the cabinet walls, and ensures uniformly distributed mechanical forces between the loudspeaker basket and the baffle support, which dramatically improves the transient response of the system.
The use of internal viscoelastic absorbers transforms the vibratory energy into heat, without loss of micro-information.


2 × 130 mm. Zamak bowl, flat and airy spider, ventilated double magnet, carbon/kevlar non-woven hypergraphic cone, anti-vortex ogive for the midrange, suspension with high return power and high damping for powerful and fast bass.
25 mm moving coil on kapton support.
Mechanical tensioning by means of a stainless steel threaded rod bolted to the center of the magnetic core and to the bottom of the cabinet.


All new 28 mm dome tweeter in impregnated silk, ensuring a very linear response and a real dynamic range of the highest order (fine dynamics reproduced with great accuracy and large level differences very well respected, without projections or hardness). Double neodymium magnet, non-ferrofluid air gap. Tuned rear chamber ensures a very low resonance frequency (700 Hz) and perfect transient damping. Front panel with machined aluminum bell mouth to ensure a perfectly stable mechanical reference for the ultra-light mobile crew. Very little directionality and very regular ensuring a very nice energy off axis. Very low distortion rate, typically less than 0.05% between 3 kHz and 25 kHz.

Turned solid beech head with a geometry that optimizes the polar coordinates of the loudspeaker, it rests on an oblong spacer for a three-point connection to the main cabinet to avoid any micro-displacement.

Optimized tweeter positioning in height and depth to ensure precise dynamic phasing at the connection with the bass/midrange at 3 kHz. The temporal response is thus exact, the fundamental and the harmonics being reconstituted in perfect time concordance. The accuracy of the timbres is thus perfectly respected, and their fluidity is remarkable.


Type of filtering: 2 ½ ways: 6 – 12 -12 dB / octave. First and second order.


Low pass 600 Hz at 6 dB/octave


Low pass at 3000 Hz at 12dB/octave no bass filtering. The two bass drivers work in parallel and in phase below 600 Hz.


The high pass filter at 3000 Hz at 12dB/octave.

RC circuit (capacitor resistor) in order to linearize the impedance curve of the speakers, and minimize the impedance variations seen by the amp on the whole spectrum.

Hand-assembled filter without printed circuit board, components are oriented and soldered with silver solder directly to each other to avoid any insertion loss. They are glued on a plate of anti-vibration material, and are placed as far as possible from any electromagnetic disturbance.
Components sorted by pair with a tolerance of 1%.

Silver armature capacitors with HP1132 silver/copper cable termination marking the winding direction of the silver foil. Self à air sur support ferrite à faible résistance ohmique utilisant un câble cuivre désoxygéné de forte section, pour un grave rapide et sans tassement de dynamique. Non-inductive ceramic resistors with high current carrying capacity.

All internal wiring is done by our HP1132 cable (crossover component connections, capacitor terminations and direct connection to the loudspeaker, soldered directly to the terminals); the HP 1132 cable is made of a large crystal silver/copper alloy. It has three layers of insulation, a first layer of Kapton coating and a second layer of wrapped Teflon before an outer sheath of polyamide. This top-of-the-range cable allows a very beautiful richness of the timbres, combined with a great transparency and a perfect linearity on the whole audible spectrum.


Thanks to a very low directivity, it is not necessary to converge the two speakers to the ideal listening point, pinching them very slightly in order to make the most of the system’s phase.

The spacing will be determined experimentally. It is ideal theory around 2.5 m from axis to axis, but this distance can be reduced. To achieve a deep, well-built stereo image, make sure the speakers are at least 50 cm away from the side and rear walls.

The best results in spectral balance and musicality were obtained by using our HP216B cable, the same one used for the internal connection of all system components.


This system has been developed for home use, it cannot be used for public or private sound systems.
Any incident resulting from such use is not covered by our warranty.

Bandwidth 35 - 25000 Hz
Impedance 4 ohm
Power of use 10 to 120 watts
Sensibility 91 dB/W/M (2,83 volts)
Allowable power 90 watts
Peak power 170 watts
Connection mono- or bi-wiring
Dimensions H 108, P 20, L 30 cm
Weight 25 Kg
Overall height 108
Bi-Amplification possible in passive only.
Download the CANTABILE JUBILE data sheet