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6 800 €

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The EMP Grande speakers are very powerful speakers. Designed with the same rigor as the most successful models in our range, it concentrates all the know-how of the JMR brand and retains a remarkable quality of timbre.

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This EMP Grande is the third generation of a speaker designed for medium and larger rooms. It is installed on the floor and placed against the wall to save space, while using the rear wall as a sound barrier.


Effective and surprising, the EMP Grande wall-mounted speaker stands out from more traditional speakers thanks to its musical quality and its depth of only 12 cm. The EMP speaker offers a totally immersive music experience thanks to its technology that allows it to use walls as additional acoustic loads and to deliver a higher quality bandwidth than other equivalent speakers.


In addition to this technology, the EMP Grande speakers have an aerodynamic tweeter that works on the treble and a 16 cm paper cone midrange driver. As for its membrane, it folds like an accordion, pinching the air between the folds, rather than pushing it, for a better dispersion of high frequencies throughout your room.


This in-wall speaker is the culmination of craftsmanship, and will naturally go further in terms of performance, as it has a deeper bass range for more impact. Its high register can go higher with a more detailed finish.


As a result, this EMP Grande speaker is unique and more upscale in its class, allowing you to enjoy its music in a larger room and giving you a lively and natural listening experience. This speaker embodies the high level of rigor that JM Reynaud offers, especially in his energy and intense musical moments.

Impedance 8 ohms (min 6.8 ohms)
Frequency response 38hz-30khz
Allowable power 100 Watts
Peak power 200 Watts
Power of use 40 to 180 Watts
Sensibility 88.5 db/W/m (2,83V)
Distorsion less than 2% (200hz at 10khz at 85db)
Type of filtering 12/12db/Octave to 1200hz
Connection Single-wire + 3rd terminal grounding passive filter
Dimensions H: 110cm - L: 28cm - P: 39cm
Weight 38 Kg