6 650 €

6 650 €

6 650 €

The ABSCISSE Jubilee is a comprehensive redesign of the ABSCISSE.
Like its predecessor, it synthesizes the axis of our research to get closer and closer to the original musical message.
ABSCISSE is a mathematical term evoking the axis given to our research in the past and directed towards the future.
It was developed with the primary objective of creating the most compact system possible, which can be installed with minimal positioning constraints. It concentrates all the know-how and experience of 50 years in the service of music and beautiful sound.

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Blanc perle

Gris anthracite

Gris métal aluminium

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With compact dimensions, it offers the performance of a large system, deploying a vast and perfectly architected sound image. She distils a very beautiful density of timbre, very nuanced and her spectral balance is remarkable.


It offers a very nice range in the extreme bass while remaining very dynamic and articulate. Its middle register is very open, clear, delicate, but also varied and very rich.
His treble is simply exceptional of naturalness, it goes very high without any acidity, crispness or aggressiveness. La soie des cordes, les diphtongues des voix sont reproduites avec une très grande précision, mais sans fausse lumière ou redondance. All transients and fine dynamics are reproduced with accuracy, nuance and a surprising serenity.
It responds perfectly to the demands of a music-loving public sensitive to the shimmer of the timbres, to the breathing and to the articulation of an interpretation.
Thanks to its exemplary linearity, its exact impulse response as well as a particularly fast and even damping time, ABSCISSE Jubilé has a great expressiveness without any harshness, providing hours of listening without the slightest weariness.
It fades away physically to make room for a very wide, very stable and deep sound stage. The details of a sound recording, the geometric proportions of an acoustic are read with ease, without false light, letting the backgrounds express themselves with great freedom. Its fast and particularly well articulated bass allows ABSCISSE Jubilé to be installed in any type of room, even small ones, with a constant and perfectly controlled energy.
It is resolutely modern in form and spirit, fast, transparent, reactive to the slightest request, without ever betraying the substance and richness of the complex sonorities of all music. Its exterior is very sculptural, anchored in its time and subtly modernized in this new Jubilee version.


Tuned triangular line, front noise vent.
Medite of 19 mm. Rounded edges on the front avoiding edge effects. Its cabinetry is modernized with a large diameter fillet on the top rear edge overhanging vertical sharp edges
Pressed assembly guarantees a total inertia of the structure.
Its air-striction tweeter is partially detached and decoupled from the cabinet by means of a damping joint. The profile of the head hosting this tweeter has been reviewed and softened. The connection between this turned wood head and the cabinet that supports it is decoupled by a viscoelastic compound in order to avoid the transmission of vibratory energy to the tweeter.
The axial fixing of the boomers allows the tensioning of the walls of the cabinet and ensures
evenly distributed between the loudspeaker basket and the baffle support, which improves
dramatically the transient response of the system.
We also reviewed the overall stiffness of the cabinetry and experimentally arranged
numerous viscoelastic compound surfaces. This avoids as much as possible the use of absorbent foam in the cabinet, which is always detrimental to the good articulation of the sound message in the lower midrange and upper bass. The use of internal viscoelastic absorbent transforms the vibratory energy into heat without loss of micro information.
The underside of the enclosure in connection with the base is also covered with a damping bitumen seal to decouple the enclosure from its spiked base.
Decoupling by height-adjustable metal cones.


It uses two new 14 cm bass-midrange drivers using a new cone structure technology
Pressed carbon sandwich enclosing a liquid crystal fiber.
Its cones are said to be “finished” or pure cones with a Gaussian profile, they are not pierced by the 38 mm coil that drives them. Their suspension beads are made from a rubber/foam mixture and are treated on a portion of the surface in connection with the cone with a damping material. Their motor receives a copper ring allowing to linearize the impedance until the end of the band in the high medium. Their flat speeder is airy. Their ultra rigid salad bowl is made of Zamac.
Thanks to its long coil, the X-max of this speaker (its linear displacement capacity) is +/- 5mm which allows a pure piston work until the extreme low register with a very good power handling.


Type AMT or AST (aerostriction) extremely powerful and natural. This tweeter uses a particularly quiet and non-aggressive silicon crossover. Its frequency response is extremely
linear and its horizontal directivity is very weak. It offers a legibility and a fluidity of the treble quite exceptional with a very great dynamic reactivity without distortion and a very good power handling. Its aluminum roof is machined in the mass. It is partially covered with a very thin acoustic foam in order to control the first reflections around its diaphragm and thus to limit the phase accidents off axis.


2 ways 1/2
It has been completely revised and simplified to the maximum. The slopes of this filter are 6db/octave at 350 hz in low pass for the bottom speaker (the two speakers working together and in phase below this frequency and the top speaker is not filtered in the bass) and 12db at 2800 hz between the medium and the tweeter.
This filtering is housed in a separate cavity at the bottom of the enclosure and shielded with bitumen to avoid any
vibratory transmission to the filter components and minimizes microphonic effects and intermodulations.
The two bass/midrange and tweeter cells are separate and are themselves acoustically shielded from each other. The assembly of these cells is entirely handmade on plates of anti-vibration materials and are wired “in the air” (all components are oriented and soldered directly to each other without the use of printed circuit with a silver solder ROHS). It uses silver-armatured capacitors terminated by our HP1132 cable whose direction of winding is marked, the chokes of the bass cell are on a ferrite support using a copper cable with a large cross-sectional area for a very low ohmic resistance and a very low distortion rate. All components are sorted and matched with a tolerance of 1% to ensure a perfect match of electrical characteristics on the speaker pair.

Efficiency: 90 db/W/m 2.83 V


Thanks to a very low directivity, it is not necessary to converge both speakers to the ideal listening point, just pinch them very slightly in order to take full advantage of the system phase.
The spacing will be determined experimentally. In theory, it is ideal to have a distance of about 2 m from axis to axis, but this distance can be reduced. In order to obtain a deep and well-built stereophonic image, make sure that the speakers are at least 40 cm away from the side and rear walls.
The best results in spectral balance and musicality were obtained by using our HP1132 bi-wiring cable, the same one used for the internal connection of all system components.


This system has been developed for home use, in no case it can be used for public or private sound system.
Any incident resulting from such use is not covered by our warranty.

Bandwidth 32 to 28khz
Impedance 4 ohms
Power of use de 40 to 250W
Sensibility 89 db/W/m (2,83V)
Type of filtering 6/12db/12db per octave cut-off frequency at 350hz and 2800hz
Connection Mono and Bi-cabling
Dimensions L :20cm P : 30cm H : 115cm
Weight 30 Kg
Bi-Amplification Yes in passive
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