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Agape is a stereophonic speaker, connected, designed and developed with the same high standards as our traditional high-fidelity speakers. We have therefore taken the same care in its design and manufacture in order to keep the sound philosophy, the degree of finishing and the aesthetics dear to JMR intact.

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Blanc perle

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Gris anthracite

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This high-end passive loudspeaker brilliantly perpetuates the tradition dear to JMR to offer in a compact format, an extremely musical system with acoustic performances worthy of a column loudspeaker.


In 2015, for the first time, JMR presented its fabulous ADARA project, this system concentrated all our technological advances in an avant-garde, but very elitist concept. VOCEGRANDE uses many of the patented advances obtained, finally making them accessible to the greatest number.

White – Pearl – Midnight Blue– mother of pearl – Grey anthracite – Grey metal aluminium
This high-end passive loudspeaker brilliantly perpetuates the tradition dear to JMR to offer in a compact format, an extremely musical system with acoustic performances worthy of a column loudspeaker.

Heir to a long line of exceptional loudspeakers, VOCEGRANDE in turn respects the music by its humility, its transparency, the immediate feeling that “the loudspeaker has physically disappeared” to make room only for the music. It weaves a close and very strong link between the listener and the performer thanks to the scrupulous respect of the instruments, their tessituras, their spaces of bloom. She creates around her a sound architecture of a disturbing reality, without ambivalence, without embellishment, without tension, devoid of any caricature.

The process of creating a loudspeaker is above all scientific and technical, often laborious, but sometimes, it is the occasion of a magic meeting… And it is the case with VOCEGRANDE.

Beyond its sophisticated technology and its very graphic appearance, it is the first time that an object touches me so much. Not only did my studies result in a remarkable design, but it was the research itself that brought this wood and metal sculpture to life… It was the laws of elementary acoustics that dictated its proportions, materials and unique posture.

It is often said that a creator gives life to the objects he conceives, with VOCEGRANDE, not only did I reveal a soul in it, but it was also able to give body to the impalpable.

VOCEGRANDE moved me from the first moments of its listening, it gives a very particular meaning to my obstinacy to advance always further in order to reach the heart of the music. While listening to it, I can’t help but think of Claude Debussy’s phrase: “Beauty must be sensitive, it must give us an immediate pleasure, it must impose itself or insinuate itself into us without us having to make any effort to grasp it.”

VOCEGRANDE pays tribute to the work of those who, from generation to generation, have worked to bring JMR creations to life.


– Foot not removable, because integrating the passive filter.
• Device limiting the phenomena of solidian transmission of the vibratory energy thanks to the use of materials of different density (MDF-Aluminium). Between these two materials is inserted a specific polymer fixed with a polyurethane glue having the particularity to keep a certain elasticity to better control the vibrations of the box.
• Complete mechanical decoupling of the enclosure base, allowing the use of Teflon pads as interfaces with the floor (no decoupling spikes).
• Proprietary charge consisting of 4 progressively damped cavities leading to a front laminar vent, this charge uses no sorbent, only some walls are lined with viscoelastic compound or bitumen. This load offers a very consistent and fast group propagation time for a very articulate, transparent and incredibly fast bass.


2 ½ ways,
6 – 12/12 dB/octave. Cut-off frequencies at 300 and 2800 Hz. Carefully selected audiophile quality components.


– Medium/tweeter AST (aerostriction) 120 mm long diaphragm (twice as long as the one usually used in the ABSCISSE Jubilé and the ORFEO Jubilé) allowing a low cutoff frequency of 12 dB/octave at 1.2 kHz (this transducer alone covers the entire sensitivity range of the ear up to 30 kHz) This diaphragm is made of an extremely light avionic aluminum coating on a pleated silicone support with a Greek line and surrounded by two neodymium bars exerting a very strong magnetic field. Unlike a traditional ribbon that pushes the air in front of it, the AST pinches the air between its folds, so it is much faster and much less fragile. Extremely powerful, it has outstanding dynamic characteristics and an extremely low distortion rate. The absence of natural resonance of the material used gives this exceptional (wide band) tweeter qualities of transparency, harmonic gradation and exceptional transient.


– Boomer 180 mm, cone made of 7 layers of carbon and peek (Polyetheretherketone) its surface is then subjected to a plasma treatment giving it a rough aspect. It has in the center of its 38 mm spool on a fiberglass support (light and rigid) an anti-whirling ogive turned in the mass in aluminum. Its speeder is airy with a progressive profile. This boomer has an aluminum bowl, a double ferrite magnet with slow magnetization. Its linear displacement is very important and it has a very great power handling, giving it a fast bass, descending very low and always very articulated with frank feelings of impact.


• Two-way passive filter 12 dB/octave centered at 1.2 kHz using very high quality passive components (silver armature capacitors and HP1132 silver/copper cable termination, air coil in deoxygenated pure copper strip of great width; specific wound resistors covered with a copper tube acting as a heat sink and Faraday cage connected to the system ground) Filter assembled by hand on anti-vibration support and placed outside any electromagnetic field. Sorted and matched components with a tolerance of 1%. Components directly soldered to each other and fully wired internally using our HP1132 silver/copper cable with double the cross-section.

Impedance 8 ohms (min 6.8 ohms)
Frequency response 38hz-30khz
Allowable power 100 Watts
Peak power 200 Watts
Power of use 40 to 180 Watts
Sensibility 88.5 db/W/m (2,83V)
Distorsion less than 2% (200hz at 10khz at 85db)
Type of filtering 12/12db/Octave to 1200hz
Connection Single-wire + 3rd terminal grounding passive filter
Dimensions H: 110cm - L: 28cm - P: 39cm
Weight 38 Kg