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Since the release of the new “Jubilee” range, we have been looking forward to presenting the brand new version of our EUTERPE model, the EUTERPEJUBILE.

Its development was finalized several months ago, but we had so many new features to release that we preferred to wait for the right moment to present it to you.

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Like the ABSCISSEJUBILÉ, the EUTERPE has undergone a profound redesign, everything is technically new in this floorstanding loudspeaker that retains the same proportions, but adopts new drivers and a new filtering.


We took advantage of this technical redesign to apply the new styling codes of the Jubilee range with a wide fillet on its horizontal rear edge, which refines its silhouette advantageously.

As usual, it is by a patient study in laboratory, associated with long hours of comparative listening, that we were able to improve very appreciably the whole of its electroacoustic parameters of the EUTERPEJUBILE.

We started from a blank page for its conception. We wanted to keep its loading principle and its volume, but we replaced its midrange/bass driver and its tweeter and completely revised its crossover.

The results are beyond our expectations and set a new standard in this product category. Its listening is even more alive, much more luminous, particularly homogeneous, with rich and varied timbres, it develops a very wide, deep and stable stereophonic image. Its extreme bass is very articulated and of a very beautiful density getting frank feelings of impact with a very good behaviour. The listening seems perfectly fluid, without rupture on the whole spectrum, with a true sense of analysis. It opens astonishing perspectives to the listening and exceeds by far its predecessor on the whole of the technical criteria, but especially musical.

Truly versatile, the EUTERPEJUBILE will delight music lovers of all kinds of music by providing hours and hours of fatigue-free listening. It distills with ease a musicality of the highest order and in every respect in line with the philosophy of the most ambitious models in our current range.


Tuned triangular line, no internal parallel walls, which reduces the formation of standing waves and allows the use of a minimum of absorber. The use of internal viscoelastic absorbers transforms vibration energy into heat without loss of micro-information.
Tweeter installed in an isolated volume guaranteeing a total inertia and avoiding any mechanical intermodulation with the woofer.
Mechanical tensioning of the boomer thanks to a stainless steel threaded rod (non-magnetic) passing through the cabinet from one side to the other, resting on the boomer head and on the bottom of the cabinet. The tension is adjusted with a high-precision torque wrench to ensure the same tightening torque. This axial mounting of the bass driver allows for tensioning of the cabinet walls and ensures evenly distributed mechanical forces between the loudspeaker basket and the supporting baffle, which dramatically improves the transient response of the system.


Cells at 12 dB/octave. Air coils with low ohmic resistance wound in 1.5 mm diameter pure copper cable ensuring a dynamic performance without settling. Silver-armored capacitors sorted in pairs with a tolerance of 1%.
Cut-off frequency 2800 Hz. Wiring “in the air” to reduce insertion loss and using our HP1132 silver cable. The whole filter is assembled on a specific anti-vibration support. It is positioned as far as possible from any magnetic and vibratory disturbance. WBT type terminal block accepting any type of connection (fork, banana or bare cable) on aluminum plate.


Produced under specifications, it is new in the range, it is a 170 mm long fiber paper cone with a Gaussian profile, treated on its inner side by an extremely effective absorbent material. Its impregnated fabric core cover has the particularity of being assembled on the back of the cone in order to avoid sticking on the surface of the cone and to minimize its over-tension at the end of the belt. It has a 28 mm coil on a ventilated aluminum support, its aluminum frame clears the back of the cone perfectly. Its speeder speeder is also ventilated to allow a better cooling of the coil and thus to lower significantly its distortion rate. It is equipped with a double magnet to increase the concentration of the magnetic flux on the coil. Its suspension is made of a rubber-foam compound and has a progressive profile to achieve a very good return force in the extreme bass while preserving the micro-displacements necessary for midrange reproduction.

The latter is none other than the one proudly displayed by our CANTABILEJUBILE model. A 28 mm impregnated silk dome tweeter particularly powerful. Its directionality is naturally very low, which allowed us to stop using a phase piece. Its linearity is exemplary and its internal damping optimal. It is driven by a powerful neodymium magnet, its very low resonance frequency allows us a cut-off frequency at 2800 Hz in 12 dB/octave. It is fixed with a specific glue to a machined aluminum horn for a better mechanical reference and to further improve its directivity and efficiency.


Thanks to the low directivity, it is not necessary to converge the two speakers to the ideal listening point, but to pinch them very slightly in order to make the most of the system’s phase.

The spacing will be determined experimentally. In theory, it is ideal to have a distance of about 2 m from axis to axis, but this distance can be reduced. In order to obtain a deep and well-built stereophonic image, make sure that the speakers are at least 40 cm away from the side and rear walls.

The best results in spectral balance and musicality were obtained by using our HP1132 cable, the same one used for the internal connection of all system components.


This system has been developed for home use, in no case it can be used for public or private sound system.
Any incident resulting from such use is not covered by our warranty.

Impedance 4 ohms (minimum 4,3 Ohms)
Frequency response 38 - 25000 Hz
Allowable power 80 Watts
Peak power 160 Watts
Power of use 40 to 120 Watts
Sensibility 89 dB/W/M
Distorsion less than 0.5% (84dB)
Type of filtering 12/12 db/octave
Connection Single-wire
Dimensions H 92, L 20, P 33 cm
Weight 26 Kg
Download the EUTERPE JUBILE data sheet