The importance of quality support for small loudspeakers has long been recognised and many specialist manufacturers now offer special stands whose inertia, weight, structure and various decoupling techniques from the floor dramatically improve the performance of the loudspeakers they support.

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Nevertheless, there are still defects, the main one being the establishment of standing waves between the floor and the top plate of the stand or the base of the loudspeaker, which causes notable accidents in the frequency response and the phase response. MAGIC STAND II® uses a unique active system that involves two frequency-shifted resonators and angled surfaces so that the signal is optimally diffracted at low frequencies (100-400 Hz band).

The results are spectacular, and they are not only audible but also measurable, as shown by the response curves published below and taken in pink noise analysis with the same speaker.

The speaker was placed on a remarkably heavy and inert sandblasted metal stand (see lower curve) and on a Magic-stand (upper curve). The heights were obviously the same for the speakers and the measuring microphone was located in exactly the same place.


The frequency response with the metal stand is within 8 dB. With Magic-stand it is within 4 dB The level at 50 Hz compared to the reference level is -6dB with the metal stand, it is only -3dB with MAGIC STAND II

NB = this stand gives optimal results with speaker heights between 30 and 50 cm.

Weight 8 kg
Overall height 75 cm
Width/depth of the column 15 cm
Base dimensions W 23 D 30 cm
Support tray W 15 D 25 cm
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